We receive messages from Mokicco from Carl-Erik and place them here to keep you informed of their developments.

One of the most fun things to do in our work is to see our MOKICCO children get new life opportunities.

Our work began on a small scale in 2006 – but it is 15 years ago now – and many of the then young children are today at the end of their high school education and looking for a job for the future. We do not know the life situation of all the 130 children in our 24 family homes, but we do know some. We know e.g. about several from our mission and entrepreneurship school in Mwangaria who now run their own sewing business.
Deborah, who also attended that training, is now helping us in one of our bookstores. Maria, an HIV-infected child from one of our family homes, now works in our bookstore in Boma Ng´ombe. Salome, another MOKICCO child, works in another bookstore.  Then we have also asked that some MOKICCO children should feel called to church service. We have helped others to study to become evangelists and parish assistants at the Mwika Lutheran Bible School (5-10 in total), but we have continued to pray that some of those who grew up in MOKICCO’s family home would one day join the Church.

And now it has happened!
His name is Hezekiah Mtui, one of our very first MOKICCO children, when we started in 2006. Hezekiah’s father died when he was a child. The mother did not consider herself able to provide for him in a good way and his brother and Hezekiah received help from MOKICCO to live in a family home but with contact with their biological mother. Hezekiah’s father must have had musical talent and Hezekiah has apparently inherited that gift. MOKICCO sponsored a three-year music education at the Mwika Bible School and now that education is completed.     

On Sunday, August 1, Hezekiah thanked at a service in the chapel where we live God and MOKICCO for this help he received. Happy Mother attended the service and Hezekiah played the hymns. Now we must continue to pray for Hezekiah to receive a cantor service in a congregation and in that way to thank and glorify God for the good life he has now received.


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