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This platform interviewed us about the upcoming Whisky Festival Delft, where the proceeds will once again benefit our foundation.

The interview can be read in Dutch at: ‘De opbrengst van het festival in 2023 heeft bijgedragen aan de renovatie van een school in Tanzania’ (whiskymonkeys.com)‘ or below.

On March 2 and 3, the Whisky Festival Delft, organized by the Yourright Foundation, will take place. Nicole and Monique, both from the healthcare sector, and Branko from the banking industry, lead the organization. This foundation not only focuses on an exciting event but also has a broader mission. Together, they travel with people with disabilities to Tanzania to engage in volunteer work.
The proceeds from the 2023 festival have already contributed to the renovation of a school in Marangu, Tanzania, where 135 children receive education. Now, another trip is planned for October, where this year’s proceeds will be used for the renovation of another school. Thus, the festival not only contributes to a great experience for visitors but also to lasting improvements in education and the lives of those who need it most.

Why did you want to organize a whisky festival in Delft?
‘Nicole and Branko have been avid attendees of almost all whisky festivals in the Netherlands for years. After regular visits to the cozy club festivals in Belgium, we became fond of their informal setup. Visitors pay a modest entrance fee, bring their own tasting glass, and pay per dram. Inspired, we decided to explore whether such a setup was possible in our own city, Delft.
In consultation with Belgian exhibitors and local liquor stores, it quickly became clear that the idea was feasible. We contacted our Belgian friends and asked if they would like to come to Delft. With success, a fascinating mix of Dutch and Belgian exhibitors emerged. The WestCord Hotel in Delft turned out to be an ideal location for the festival, easily accessible by public transport and car.’

How important is it for you to have Belgian exhibitors at a Dutch festival?
‘Our friends from Belgium contribute uniquely to the cozy atmosphere of our festival and bring an extra dimension with them. What they offer often goes beyond what you typically find at a festival, as they often bring bottles from their private collection. In addition to their regular offerings in Belgium, they add a personal touch by sharing exclusive pieces with our festival visitors. It makes the experience even more special and provides an opportunity to taste and discover something unique. But our Dutch exhibitors also have beautiful and unique bottles.’

What is the target audience for the festival in Delft?
‘Thanks to the diverse exhibitors, there is something to discover for everyone, whether you are a beginner in the world of whisky or a seasoned connoisseur. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed, making it a place where many people like to gather with friends.’

Can someone attend your festival alone?
‘Of course, you are also welcome to come alone; there are plenty of like-minded people present with whom you can share your experiences. But let’s be honest, it’s always more enjoyable together.’

It’s the fourth edition. What is different compared to last year?
‘This year, we are going all out by organizing the festival on a Saturday for the first time, allowing you to enjoy delicious whisky for an entire weekend. With some new exhibitors, the offerings remain surprisingly varied for our visitors. Of course, we have kept the lottery, with fantastic prizes that you can win again.’

There is a three-course dinner available. What is the theme of this dinner?
‘It is a whisky dinner where the chef serves dishes with a whisky theme. The exact details of the menu remain a surprise for us too, but based on previous years, we can assure you that the culinary experience will be excellent.’

Is this dinner also suitable for vegetarians?
‘The menu offers various vegetarian options, so don’t let this discourage you.’

What is your personal whisky tip to taste at the festival?
‘A tip from us: we personally have the three different inaugural releases of Lagg with us, which are definitely worth trying. But what makes it even more exciting is that most exhibitors surprise us every year with beautiful bottlings they bring.’

What are your wishes for the next edition?
‘We cherish the wish that we can organize this festival in its current form for many years to come, so that we can offer everyone a vibrant and enjoyable event. Our ultimate goal is not only to have fun together but also to achieve a beautiful result for our foundation. With your support and enthusiasm, we want to continue contributing to positive changes and creating unforgettable moments. Here’s to a future full of fantastic festivals and an even greater impact.’

Did you enjoy this interview and want to buy a ticket? You can do so through the official website.”

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