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Thank you very much friends for all the support and prayers MOKICCO received during the month of January.
The future looks promising. Everything is green. It is quite rainy and the corn, beans and vegetables look very good.

A great blessing this month is the visit of our MOKICCO friend Marion de Koning from the Netherlands. She stayed with us for a few days and visited some of our family homes. At Mkombozi primary school, where MOKICCO previously helped with school meals, Marion helped pay for school meals for 15 children two years in a row, in 2023 and 2024. Marion de Koning has an organization called “All For The Future”. This started on August 4, 2022, with the aim of helping schools financially and giving children and young people opportunities for education. In the future, the organization plans to return to Tanzania and help renovate the Mkolowony Primary School which was built by German missionaries in 1961 and now has 178 children and 5 teachers.
In January, MOKICCO started a daycare center for children from 1 to 5 years old. The goal is to help mothers who work during the day care for their children when they go to work. There is a market near the daycare center and most mothers who have their children at the daycare center work at the market. Marion de Koning helped the MOKICCO daycare center with furniture, toys and more. Financially, the daycare center is run by the parents. MOKICCO helps with the administration.

Last year, 2023, our bookstore, MOKICCO Chris an Bookshop, did worse. Book sales were not good. That is why we closed the business during the month of December. This year, 2024, we start again with more books, priest shirts and altar candles. The store is run by the mission fund, with the aim of distributing Christian literature and with the hope of contributing to MOKICCO’s finances. This year we have a new employee, Neema Kiwelu.
Here she introduces herself:
“Hello, my name is Neema. I am blessed with three children. I am very happy to be able to help MOKICCO with book sales in their store. I really enjoy spreading Christian literature, Bibles and books that teach about Christianity. But today I am extra happy for the newly started daycare center. I can now safely leave my son at daycare and work in the bookstore without having to worry about my son.”
With Neema Kiwelu, I am hopeful that the Christian bookstore will function better this year. She is a godly woman, determined and hardworking.

Marion de Koning
Neema Kiwelu

God be with you all. And thanks again for your help and prayers.
Overa Seka Sahlberg

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