January and February 2020 were marked by two new contacts who have indicated that they want to work with us.

The first is “the Moravian Church”. The name is derived from the first Moravian refugees from Moravia (today’s Czech Republic). The founder of this church was N.L. von Zinzendorf (1700-1760), a count from Saxony. At his country house, in the village of Berthelsdorf in eastern Germany, he received a small group of Protestant refugees from Moravia in 1722. At the time, they were persecuted by Catholics in the area. Zinzendorf received them and the group eventually consisted of about 200 people. After a spiritual breakthrough, the Moravian movement emerged in 1727.
The Moravian movement became the strongest mission in the Lutheran Church with missions in Greenland, South Africa and Tanzania, arriving in 1891. This Lutheran movement today has approximately 1 million members in Tanzania.
MOKICCO got in touch with the congregation in Arusha, led by pastor Samson Nzunda. I preached there on February 8, we visited some of their districts, and on March 1, preacher Nzunda preached in our chapel.
The plan is now to continue working together, first of all to start a kindergarten south of Arusha (excuse the bad picture).

The other church we came into contact with in February was’ Kanisa la Biblia ”. This church goes back to George Müller, known in England as “The Brethren”. “Kanisa la Biblia” as “Moravian Church” is a member of the Ecumenical Christian Council “Christian Council of Tanzania”.
With “Kanisa la Biblia” we have now opened our second kindergarten – in addition to the first we already have in Mwangaria. 14 poor children are taught in this kindergarten in Uchira, not far from us. The roots of “Kanisa la Biblia” are the same – George Müller and his life in faith, prayer and social work.

Help us now thank God with the following account of our work today in February:

– 26 family houses with a total of 130 children
– 14 students in our mission school
– 2 kindergartens
– 3 sponsored evangelists
 – 28 houses built
– Approx. 10 new micro projects

God is good, God gives strength, God gives joy in the service for Him!

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