From the contact we have at Khazana Foundation we came in contact with Hamara Foundation in India.

Tuesday, October 18th, we’ve visited their location in Mumbai. We were warmely welcomed by the project manager, Shraddha Rajpurkar Chonkar. They run their office in a large building that houses several schools. Shraddha has explained how Hamara works and which programs they’ve set up for the children. This largely corresponds to the method of Butterflies in Delhi. The CDK program is also embraced here.

A special feature of the school building is that there is also a class for special needs children, children with a disability that varies from autism to physical disabilities. Hamara also supports these children with activities.
New is a group of adults with a disability. The parents of these people have taken the initiative to organize activities at this school. They are now engaged with a special activity program, comparable to a daytime activity in thet Netherlands.

At the moment 4 social study students are doing an internship at Hamara. We were also able to exchange ideas with them. What was special about this was that 3 students come from Myanmar. They can’t do a Master’s in their own country, so they have to come to India.

Of course we also shared the way we work with our foundation. And as Shraddha later put it; extremely happy to have you both, I personally got inspired from your life experiences.

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