Project Spring 2020

On February 6, Nicole traveled back to Dar es Salaam to prepare for our arrival. Our team this year included Nicole, Monique and Branko also David Jas (client of Pameijer) and Wilco den Otter (photographer and experience with projects in South Africa).
Everyone flew in on February 13 and was able to get used to the country and the temperature the first weekend. Because the weather was warm, an average of 32 gr.
This year we did several projects again.
First of all what we have done at Kituo Cha Baba Oreste. We had already had a dressing room built earlier this year and have now finished it (plastered, painted and decorated). The results are impressive. In addition, we have cleaned everything on the entire site and provided the playground and dining tables with a new coat of paint. Of course we also spent quality time with the children. All of this was supported by Young Life.

Every afternoon we organized a workshop for the children of Sala Sala where they learned to make their own cuddly toy and their own bag with needle and thread. The sewing machine we brought with us also ended up with a family who will make good use of it.
In addition to all these activities, we have also strengthened ties with Young Life, Changamoto, Kontainer School, Green Pastures Orphanage and Time to Help and undertook various activities.

All clothing, toys, musical instruments, football equipment and tablets that have been brought in have ended up well.
We would therefore like to thank everyone who contributed to this.

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