Zawadi Done – visitor to our project
In October 2023, I visited Mseroe Primary School together with the dedicated volunteers from Yourright Foundation to witness the renovation project. What I discovered there was not just a renovated school, but an oasis of joy where the volunteers were welcomed with open arms.

This project went beyond the physical renovation of a school. It was a transformation that brought hope to some 135 children, their teachers and the entire community. The Yourright Foundation’s commitment to integrity was reflected at every step of the project, as mobilizing the right people for such a renovation on the other side of the world is not easy.

The foundation’s integrity was reflected not only in the careful renovation, but also in the way they shared the results. This project was not just a renovation, but a testimony to resilience, integrity and the power of collective generosity.

Mokicco Newsletter- November 2023
Another blessing that MOKICCO received in October was the visit of Branko and Nicole, friends of Carl-Erik and Overa from the Netherlands, with their organization “Yourright Foundation”, aimed at helping children. They helped renovate the Mseroe primary school in neighboring Marangu.

The school was built by German missionaries, who also built a Lutheran church and an elementary school next to the church. In 1967, the Tanzanian state decided to nationalize some schools and hospitals owned by churches. Mseroe was one of those schools. But because 99% of the children who go to Mseroe still belong to the Lutheran Church, the church remains very involved in the school.

Our friends did a fantastic job with the renovation. At first the school was in very bad condition, but after their work many now say they have a new school. With such a beautiful school, the children have more desire to learn. The group consisted of 7 people, and they all stayed at MOKICCO.

The friends also visited the vocational school in Mwangaria and sewed bags together with the students.

Maria Mboya – October 2023
I witnessed a wonderful and impactful experience with the Yourright Foundation at Mseroe Primary School in Marangu. The positive transformation of the school, especially the renovation of the damaged roof, was a heartwarming moment. It was so gratifying to see tangible improvements that directly benefit the well-being and education of children.
The fact that my old neighbour, Nicole, is involved in such meaningful work in my home country is remarkable. Being able to witness the positive changes and knowing that these efforts contribute to a safer and more conducive learning environment for the children is indeed a special and rewarding experience. However, I did not stay until the end of the renovation, but what I witnessed was amazing.
After hearing that the church and family members of the children were involved in preparing dinner that Yourright Foundation provided to the whole school after the renovations, I realised that the efforts and initiatives of Yourright Foundation had a profound impact on this community as a whole. The ripple effect of providing safe and well-maintained schools is life-changing for the community, school staff, church, families and children involved, and will be remembered for generations to come.. It’s inspiring to see how this charity is making a difference in the lives of communities in my home country.

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