We receive messages from Mokicco from Carl-Erik and place them here to keep you informed of their developments.

Look at these two houses! To the left You see the “house” in which a single woman with three kids and her deaf grandmother were living. Next to it you see the new house that we built for them and which we inaugurated on Oct. 10. What a change! Today we have built 38 houses to such poor families. Small gifts, small actions make change – also only for very few people. 
MOKICCO is going on, is strong in its work and is more and more known.

This is something that we are doing today: 
25 Family homes with ca. 130 children.
A Mission and industry school for 16 young people.
School Lunch in three shools for totally 125 poor children.  
Microprojects for 50 widows and poor people.
Two kindergarten with 30 children.
School fees for poor evangelists, children, albino, deaf children, projects for 30 widows, two Christian bookshops,

Thank You for Your support, thank You for Your prayers – and be continually blessed!

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