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Three events seem to be especially important during the last month.

1.  Saturday October 10, when we got the possibility to inaugurate two houses for to extremely poor families in the Mwangaria region. One of the houses looked like this when we got contact with that poor family  (foto 1). When then heavy rain came, it poured in. So a house was built with three rooms for the family (foto 2) and the hour of inauguration during that hot Saturday October 10 of course became a memory for life for them – and me.

 2.  My wife Overa and I visited Geita at Lake Victoria. The main goal with the visit   was that Overa wanted to give one of her three houses  there to the Moravian  congregation in that city. But with one demand: that house must be used with a diaconal purpose and in the first step open a kindergarten there. On the picture (foto 3) you can see  Overa in front of the elders of the congregation sign the contract.

3. The third event  was of course my 75th anniversary  October 22.  Perhaps it is now when I feel really old.  The birthday was a normal thursday, when the children  had arranged a small party for me here at home.  Sunday however became a day of joy and jubilation with around 200 persons present.

Psychologists  sometimes use to ask what animal you are most alike. I know exactly what animal I think I am most alike – the eagle. A dean once said about me: ”Carl-Erik shall not deal with small details – he is the eagle”.
Without despising them who have to or want to occupy themselves with  more earthly matters  I  want to be like an eagle, which is looking ahead, resting on his strong wings. Through my ministry I have with great joy  given more earthly tasks to those who like that and who handle these tasks better than me. Some months ago some students gave me a picture as a gift. What picture? Yes –  an eagle.
So therefor I as an 75 years old man  take to my heart the promise in Isaya 40:30-31:  ”Young men may get tired and give up, young men may fall. But those who  trust on the Lord  get new power, they lift  with wings like eagles”.


Foto 1
Foto 2
Foto 3

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