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Grace be with you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to start by thanking everyone for your prayers, support and help that MOKICCO received during the month of May.

Many thanks to the Children’s Church and Clara Parish in Stockholm Sweden for the Clara race. The Clara race started on Sunday 14 May. It is the children’s church in Clara Kyrka that arranges this, where the children run around the church for the benefit of the children of MOKICCO. At the church coffee after high mass, parents and the municipality were then given the opportunity to sponsor the children who together walked 229 laps around the church. This raised 13,309 krona (approx. € 1,150), which means a lot to the children in Tanzania.


Salome George Chami

Here in Tanzania, the MOKICCO children grow up, go to school and struggle with studies to achieve a better future. We have a girl named Salome who grew up in our family home in Kibosho. She has now traveled all the way to university. She will complete her studies next year.

She writes: Hi, my name is Salome George Chami, born 05-10-2000. I was the fifth child in our family. My parents were poor, so they couldn’t afford my education or living expenses. My studies started in primary school when I joined the MOKICCO family in Kibosho.
I thank God who used MOKICCO to help me. I finished primary school in 2014 and went to secondary school from 2015-2019. I am very happy that I have come this far. Never thought I’d ever go to college. With God all things are possible. Now I’m in university.
Thank you MOKICCO and thank you to all friends of MOKICCO who helped. Now I am studying at Mzumbe University in Morogoro, and I am in my second year. I will finish my studies next July. I will then receive a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and finance in the public sector. The goal is to get started as an accountant.

We want to bring together all young people who have received help from MOKICCO and make plans together how we can support other children and young people who have difficulties with their studies. Now I have created a WhatsApp group with 20 young people. I try to collect as many people as possible who have a better future thanks to MOKICCO. I want to encourage the young people to fight hard in their studies. The top five of those who are in their senior year of high school will be given the financial opportunity to study at university. To begin with, we meet once a year. The plans look good. We follow the youth with support and intercession.

Finally, I would like to inform you that MOKICCO has a new website. The new domain for the website is: www.mokicco.com (currently only in Swedish)
May he who is the Lord of peace grant you his peace always and in every way. God be with you all.

Overa Seka Sahlberg

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