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Many greetings from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
Thank you very much for the support, gifts, and prayers that MOKICCO received in the month of April.

It is raining in many places in our country, a great blessing from God. The harvest of maize, beans, and vegetables looks very good. On the last Sunday of April, April 30, 2023, we had a communion service with the parents and leaders of the MOKICCO families, the kindergarten, and the vocational school. After the service, we had a meeting with the leaders as usual. The reports we received were good. The children are doing well. They are healthy and doing well in school. There are some challenges in the vocational school in Mwangaria. The school needs to be developed with more courses such as carpentry, automotive mechanics, IT, short driving courses, and more. Possibly, we need more vocational teachers as well.

One of the great blessings of the month was a visit from Veikko Antila, a friend of MOKICCO and a board member in Sweden. Veikko stayed in Marangu, one of the 20 MOKICCO families that take care of 87 children. MOKICCO also helps other children who do not live in the families, for example, by providing school lunches for children whose parents are poor and cannot afford lunch for their children, as well as children with disabilities.
Marangu – 8 children, Mwika – 1 child, Mshiri – 3 children, Lekura – 4 children, Komakundi – 4 children, Bomangombe – 2 children, Kibosho – 10 children, Maili sita – 5 children, Geita – 10 children, Mwanza C.D.I – 4 children, Mwangaria A – 4 children, Mwangaria B – 5 children, Kisagesangeni – 4 children, Kilosa – 4 children, Himo – 2 children, Maji ya Chai – 5 children, Mto wa mbu – 6 children, and Karangai – 6 children.
Veikko donated a piece of land to MOKICCO that he bought in Tanzania in 2020. The land will be used to build a treatment home for women with alcohol problems and other issues, such as single mothers facing severe financial difficulties.

One example is Siaeli Temba. As a child, she was a street child. She ran away from home because of her parents’ alcohol problems. She married a man who also had an alcohol problem and sold all the family’s belongings. Today, Siaeli lives and works with a single mother who has an alcohol problem. She needs help to get her life in order.
What was very special about building such a home for women is that when I presented the board’s vision to Veikko, we discovered that both Veikko and his wife Maria had the same vision. Carl-Erik also had in mind to help not only children but also poor women when he established the Missions Fund within MOKICCO.
This is what he wrote in 2019:
“The main focus of MOKICCO’s work is the children – orphaned children and children from very difficult home situations. That is the main focus and should continue to be the main focus. However, in the face of the distress that began knocking on our door, we soon understood that the relief work needed to be expanded. Initially, we thought of poor widows with children or with alcoholic spouses. For example, we met a family that truly lived in a dilapidated shack.
It was raining inside, the children had plastic bags around their schoolbooks to protect them, and the family was almost in a state of famine. One child was a few years old, still couldn’t walk, and showed all the signs of malnutrition. It was there, in Geita, that the “Missions Fund” was born for diaconal work and evangelism. We decided to build a new house for them, and once it was completed, we sponsor that family with a small amount of money per month. This is also part of the work with children.”

God bless you.

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