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Many greetings from Kilimanjaro,

The month of March, one of the happiest months this year for our country. At least for many because it has started to rain in many places in the country!
The harvest of corn, beans and much more looks green and promising.

Thank you so much for all the gifts, support and prayers MOKICCO received during the month of March! God is good. The children are doing well.
They go to school and look forward to Easter.

On Sunday, March 26, we celebrated a communion service in Marangu with the foster parents from the families of MOKICCO. Everyone could report nice results from their families. The last time we met with many of the foster parents, they were concerned about rising hospital costs in Tanzania. In the board of MOKICCO we have therefore decided that the children must have health insurance. In the month of March we were able to do that, pay for health insurance for almost all children living in MOKICCO’s families.

Sister Agnes Lema has invested a great deal in making home visits to the MOKICCO families to get to know them better, their needs, joys, challenges and progress. She spoke to the foster parents one by one, but also spoke to the children. Sister Agnes has had time to visit some families in the hills in Northern Tanzania, in Moshi and in Arusha.

MOKICCO’s main goal is to take care of orphans and children in difficult circumstances. Another goal is to help poor widows and start up various micro projects that can generate income.
Carl-Erik started something called the mission fund. With the help of the mission fund, many have managed to get help starting a chicken project, buying pigs or starting small businesses in the area, selling clothes, vegetables, corn, beans, etc.
Some widows have no home. In March MOKICCO built another house for a widow.

With your support, God willing, and if we are allowed to live, we will help even more.
Happy Easter

Overa Sahlberg

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