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Warm regards from Tanzania, MOKICCO.
Thank you very much for the donations and support we received from Sweden during the month of February. God is good. His mercy is new every morning. The children are healthy and go to school. Now, one year after Carl-Erik’s death, God has made it possible to continue the work he started here in Tanzania.
We continue with the MOKICCO families, helping with school lunches for those families who are struggling to afford lunch for their children, as well as prelingually deaf and hard to understand children, albino children, etc.

At the moment it is very hot and dry here in Tanzania. It hasn’t rained for a long time, which has led to a smaller harvest in our country. We thank God that there is no famine among the MOKICCO families.
One of the great blessings for the month of February is a visit from our friend Nils Reuterdahl from Sigtuna. He took a close look at MOKICCO’s work and visited MOKICCO families. Together with the board in Tanzania, we have also revised the budget for the year 2023.

Another blessing is a visit from our son Carl-Fredrik who will be working at the vocational school in Mwangaria for two months. There he will teach the students computer skills and English. At the moment we only have a sewing course and the aim is to provide various other courses such as computer, auto mechanics, carpentry and English etc. We need interns, senior experts and others who would like to volunteer and help with e.g. carpentry, painting etc.

The third great blessing was a visit from Swedish television. They were here shooting for weekend destinations in Tanzania. On April 15, the program Paskens wittnen can be seen on television. Then a few more times at other moment on Swedish television. The world is big. Such recordings show how the Swedes value other people, cultures, joys and challenges.

Finally, I would like to welcome you to Tanzania and to Marangu, where we live. Since the beginning of this year we have built three extra guest rooms so that you, who are our guests, do not have to stay in a hotel but can stay with us and our children in Marangu.

Overa Seka Sahlbeg

Our son Carl-Fredrik
Nils Reuterdahl

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