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I greet you all and wish you a pleasant Advent! Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

In the month of November we received the results of a new census in Tanzania. It shows a population of 61,741,120 people. Of these, 31,687,990 (51%) were women and 30,053130 (49%) were men. It was a 3% increase since the last census in 2012. That means a lot to our economy. More people will work for better development and a better economy.

MOKICCO is doing well! We added a child, a girl, Angela 16 years old. Her father is mentally ill and her mother left her with her grandmother when she was six months old. When grandma died, Angela was left alone. The teachers at Angela’s school asked MOKICCO to take care of her. She is now in sixth grade.

November 17 marks one year since my beloved husband Carl-Erik was buried. He often said: “If you read in a newspaper, or hear someone say that Carl-Erik is dead, don’t believe it! Because then I’ll live like never before!” Carl-Erik is not dead. He lives in our memory, in our thoughts and in the air. On November 20, we had a special service in MOKICCO in Marangu to remember him, to thank God for what we received from him, and what we were able to experience together with him. And we prayed to God for the work he started.

We started with the inauguration of a small house built in his memory. The house has three small rooms. The first room shows different overviews of his life, of his childhood and youth, of the initiation and the places where he worked, both in Sweden and in Tanzania. There are also two wardrobes, one for his church clothes and the other for his casual clothes, and a number of other things that remind of him. In the other room there are several small bookshelves for the books he wrote himself, the books about other missionaries, history books and much more. DVDs are also available with his teaching, especially in Sweden, his songs and other material reminiscent of him. The last room is a small devotional room.

There were more than 300 people who attended the commemoration, including children, young people and adults. Many hymns were sung and prayers were said. In his sermon, the rector of the evangelist and the seminary where he taught to love God and people and help others encouraged people to love God and do good deeds.

I have asked my friend Nils Reuterdahl, who is on the board of MOKICCO, to write a few words about how MOKICCO is doing in Sweden. It is shown below.

God bless you!
About Seka Sahlberg.

Here in Sweden, the loss of our brother and mentor Carl-Erik hit like a bomb! Overa and his Mokicco continue, as you probably know. At the time, it was Carl-Erik who signed the collection account with Nordea here. But it was blocked for withdrawals, but deposits could be made. This will come in handy if we get a resolution, which I hope and believe will happen before the turn of the year. Those of you who found out about Overa’s personal account in Nordea have been able to support Mokicco there, which has been and is a great help in continuing the work.

With the help of God and the people here in Sweden and in Tanzania, we hope that the work that Carl Erik laid the foundation for, among orphans and disabled children and poor widows, will be able to grow and live on.

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