We receive messages from Mokicco from Carl-Erik and place them here to keep you informed of their developments.

It is amazing how our work is expanding.  I never thought that I one day could write that we have 325 children under our umbrella who  every day (!) get food and other help. Here it is:

  • 130 children in our family homes
  • 125 children lunch in three schools
  • 40 children in 2 kindergarten
  • 20 children (youth) in our entrepreneur school
  • 10 other needy children (albino, deaf children, poor children)

This is amazing! In fact I believe that we now are one of the biggest children ministries in Tanzania! Or do you know any children ministry that every day helps 325 children? If you should multiply 325 children for one year (365 days) that would be that we during one year helped nearly 100.000 children!  And do You know?  We do this big work without asking for money!  God is faithful!

From the last month:
A primary school asked us to help 25 children from very poor families. They had not been able to pay their fees for food for the children, so they did not get food in the school – now they get it through MOKICCO! (picture)

My wife has a burden for poor widows. So she has started a women group where they make “chapatis” (panncakes) and sell and then share that income for their families.  My wife has also opened a small shop for another group of widows where they offer tea and small cakes.  My wife is wonderful – the work is wonderful  – and the life with God is wonderful!


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