Last month I visited Geita and Katoro in the Lake Victoriaregion. There we have four family homes, we give every school day food to 40 poor children in a school (picture) and from there we pay school fees for some albinochildren. So it is necessary sometimes to visit the MOKICCO-people and children there – especially when we have got the praise from the government in that region that MOKICCO has the best children work there.

  When I was there I was presented to a MOKICCO office there. I got a little bit upset asking: “Is our money from good givers going to hire an office?” Then they calmed me down and said: “No, this we do from our own money but from the money we get monthly to help needy children we have got some money left, so we decided to open a place, from where we twice a week could give out maize, sugar and wheat a.s.o. to some poor families.”.  I calmed down and then they took me to meet some of these people who get help from this extra money. One, Stella, had walked without problem for operation, which however failed completely and she became handicapped for life and unable to help her children. Then I got the possibility to meet Rosa and Daniel Masanja – an old couple.  Their home was attacked by robbers, they cut off    her right hand and then tore down their house. Now they live in a small room, offered to them by a neighbor. When I left all these children and people in Geita I felt warm inside, that we – that You – could be a small help for these deprived people. Thank You!