When I am writing this newsletter to You it is a rainy morning at Kilimanjaro. And that is not the only rainy morning now – we have had a long period of rain. Within two weeks I will be back in Sweden for preaching – and also informing about our children work and our expanding work to help poor people. It will be good to come to Sweden to get some hot weather! I could never imagine that I shall say so:  it will be good to leave Africa and go to Europe to get some warm weather!
When I look back to the last month (15.5-15.6) I remember this:

  1. Three built houses for widows and poor women.
  2. Repair of the village road, so that people easy, even if it is raining, can come to a hospital.
  3. Helping people with micro projects.
  4. Opening a new bookshop in Kikatiti.

If I summarize our work as it is today:

  1. 25 family homes where 140 children live. Daily food, lodge, school and concern.
  2. 40 poor children get lunch every school day.
  3. 15 students in our industry school.
  4. Three bookshops.
  5. 15 houses totally built.
  6. Sponsoring of three becoming evangelists.
  7. Repairing a village road.
  8. Helping albino children, deaf children and a lot of poor people.

We can do this because of You – thank You – bless you!